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Merchants Internships

Our internship program allows students to apply theory and knowledge gained from coursework toward projects in a real-world professional setting. Our #1 goal is to develop their technical skills and business acumen and prepare them for future roles at Merchants.


At Merchants, we believe that mentorship is an essential aspect to growth and development. As part of our internship program, each intern will have a mentor in their department who will guide them through the program, offering a better understanding of their role and aiding them as they complete their summer project.

Community Service

Our unwavering commitment to the communities we serve is at the heart of everything we do. As an integral part of our internship program, all interns will be able to participate in paid volunteering days. These experiences not only bring a positive impact to the local community, but also cultivate invaluable skills and foster meaningful connections that will last well beyond the internship program.


The Merchants Internship Program offers an experience that focuses on both professional and personal growth. In addition to engaging in weekly development days and attending networking events, interns will gain valuable insights into the operations of Merchants Bank. Moreover, the program provides interns with the opportunity to collaborate on a real-world project, which they will have the privilege of presenting to the executive team.

Program Tracks

Merchants Bank strives to create an environment that rewards hard work and strong performance while encouraging a positive work-life balance. While working at Merchants Bank, our interns are eligible for a multitude of benefits. Explore our program track below!

Merchant's Bank of Indiana's internship programs aim to provide valuable experience in investment banking, real estate, commercial payments, and equipment finance. These internships offer an exciting opportunity to explore the responsibilities and possibilities available in these areas. 

  • Business Banking Internship
  • Small Business Association Credit Internship
  • Merchants Capital Corporate Internship

Select from a range of opportunities that will offer you an insight into the financial industry, including observing how to lead companies towards comprehensive banking options and hiring supervising staff.

  • Risk Review Internship
  • Internal Audit Internship
  • Marketing Internship
  • Ag Loan Lending 
  • Human Resources Internship

Gain Knowledge about community banking through hands-on projects that aid in boosting branch management and sales. 

  • Retail Banking

Receive training on the functioning of financial institutions, encompassing activities such as developing and coordinating business strategies and objectives, and assessing and controlling risks across diverse quantitative domains through proper training. 

  • Information Technology Internship
  • Deposit Operations Internship

As technology and operations interns, individuals gain knowledge on the essential work required for a top-tier bank to handle its technological requirement, both internally and for its customers. 

  • Information Technology Internship
  • Deposit Operation Internship
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