It’s summer and everything is growing…including our Non-Delegated Business Channel

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It's the start of summer and everything is green and growing, including our Correspondent Lending Non-Delegated Business Channel.  Our Non-Delegated Program is positioned to serve you, while helping reduce underwriting risk. We’ll provide the tools you need to help your business grow and make a difference in the lives of the home buyers you serve.

Markets change, times change, and products change.  Some things never change – 0ur commitment to YOU!

Correspondent Lending is now offering:

  • AGENCY PROGRAM:  Non-Delegated; Delegated
  • MERCHANTS PREMIUM PROGRAM:  Delegated-Mandatory, High Credit Quality with Unique LLPAs
  • M(i) MERCHANTS LOAN PROGRAM:  Reduced Mortgage Insurance Option
  • EXECUTION OPTIONS:  Best Efforts & Mandatory
  • AGENCY PRICING:  Available through Optimal Blue
  • ENOTES:  Warehouse and Investor Take-out

Let us show you how we deliver the service your business deserves.



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